It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 19th edition of the International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science: ICCF-19.

TSEM is the first private company to independently host ICCF and, as Founder and President, I’m proud to promote a science and be be part of an organization that will certainly have significant impact both in the short and long term on everyday life.

This conference looks to continue the evolutive tradition that has been the hallmark of past conferences. Results achieved during previous years have been phenomenal and ICCF-19 presents an opportunity to not only reemphasize the importance of this scientific field, but also to generate and encourage fresh perspectives that reflect how CMNS can change the world.

The purpose of ICCF-19 will be to discuss recent scientific findings as well as to encourage a more general public interest, encouraging a better understanding of the significance of this research and how it will impact society. We will move to accomplish this in part by utilizing the Italian Media and international press, both in science and non-academic media outlets.

Another innovation within ICCF-19 is the establishment of a new committee: The Engineering Applications Committee. The EAC appointees are engineers and investors whose goal is to form a bridge between academia and industry thereby encouraging the generation of products derived from years of scientific research.

Researchers will meet companies seeking to form cooperative partnerships to encourage technological development and industry formation. Research is critical and it is now time to look towards market readiness for CMNS and all its related technologies.

As we near the conference dates, continue to browse the ICCF-19 website for updates on the homepage and please
follow our newsletter.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to welcoming each of you in Padua, Italy, for what will certainly be a revolutionary ICCF-19.

Antonio La Gatta
General Chair, ICCF-19
Engineer and Professor
TSEM Founder